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A Royal Visit by The Children’s Ballet

May 24, 2019 @ 6:30 pm

The Children’s Ballet Spring Performance: A Royal Visit

Once upon a time, in a little town far away, there was a small orphanage tended by nuns and their Mother Superior. One morning, a villainous bill collector arrives, threatening to close the orphanage if he is not paid by nightfall.

The bill collector is quickly forgotten as Messengers of the Court announce that the Queen wishes to visit their orphanage. When the orphans realize they have nothing but rags to wear, they decide to collect their pennies so one orphan can buy a new dress and represent them before the Queen. A winner is chosen and they rush to the village Dress Shoppe, their hopes soaring.

In the village, the towns people dance while a sweet old bag lady watches from a park bench. The orphans arrive at the Dress Shoppe and admire the beautiful dress in the window. When the Bag Lady asks, the orphans tell her of their plan for one of them to greet the Queen in a lovely new dress. She assures them a beautiful heart is more important than a beautiful dress.

She returns to her bench as the girls watch the town come to life. The School Girls arrive followed by Bread Sellers, Park Birds, Flower Sellers, a Musician, a Doll Seller with many dolls, and Magicians.

An orphan asks for help with her new book about different countries, and the Magicians help the stories about the world come to life. The orphans have a splendid time, but realize they have spent all their pennies and have no money to buy their dress.

All is not lost! To their surprise, an unknown benefactor has arranged with the Dress Shoppe owner and her tailors to sew a new dress for each orphan. When the girls arrive home, the nuns ask where the dresses came from.

The orphans try to explain what happened, but their confusion is forgotten as the Messengers announce the Queen’s arrival. The Messengers appear followed by … the Bag Lady? Who is this mysterious lady, who is watching over the orphans and how can they save their home? Find out on May 24 and 25!


May 24, 2019
6:30 pm


Danville Community High School
100 Warrior Way
Danville, IN 46122 United States
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